In 2015, Ronin Safety and Rescue formed a not for profit entity named the Ronin Charitable Society.

With many Ronin staff being former Military and current Emergency Service personnel, we wanted to create a platform to assist these communities where we could.  The objectives of the Society are:

  • To promote the well-being of military veterans and emergency first responders and to encourage their full participation within their communities
  • To assist with the transition process of military veterans to the civilian sector and/or workforce by:
    • Providing and/or assisting with the provision of skill and theory based training,
    • Creating networks for work and social services and
    • Provide direct social services when necessary
  • To reflect the needs and issues of military veterans to individuals, agencies and the public media and to advocate for change. To seek funds from government and/or other resources for the implementation of the aforementioned objectives
  • To cooperate and work with other citizens and groups sharing similar objectives.
  • To provide or participate in trade shows, job fairs or other networking events focused on transition, skill, knowledge development and opportunities for military veterans.
  • To organize events, festivals, conferences and exhibitions and to publish periodicals to further the objectives of the society
  • To do everything incidental and necessary to promote and attain the foregoing purposes within and outside of Canada.

In 2015 the Ronin Charitable Society in conjunction with ER Plus Risk Management Group delivered a three week program consisting of the trade safety coordinator, construction safety officer and occupational first aid level 2 course to 13 Military Veterans.  This program was offered to these veterans free of charge.

In January 2016 the Ronin Charitable Society in conjunction with Training Division in Texas offered the SMART program to 30 military veterans in BC and Ontario so they could obtain their IFSAC NFPA Firefighter 1 seal.  Once again this was offered to the veterans free of charge.

Should you be interested in working with the Ronin Charitable Society to promote one of the objectives listed above, please contact us directly.

The eventual goal is to turn this non-profit into a registered charity.