Drone Use in SAR – Part Two: Preparation and Operation

Drone use in SAR

-Article courtesy of Mike Scott

In case you missed it, you can read Part One: Selecting the right UAV here

There is a lot to think about when using a UAV to support a SAR mission and we will have a look at a couple here: Mission planning and Payload operation.

We will have to save search patterns for the third installment as this might be a bit much to cover all in one go.

Remember, that the mission you are flying is “User” directed. That user could be the Search Team Lead, Rescue Coordinator or even the Police. Be patient when explaining what you can and can’t do with your UAV. In many cases the User will not know much about UAV’s and or the capabilities. It will be up to you as the pilot to walk them through this.

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Drone Use in SAR – Part One: Selecting the Right UAV

Drone use in SAR 1

-Article courtesy of Mike Scott

With the cost and size of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) shrinking we are seeing more and more teams employing these amazing little machines to aid in searches and team coordination. However, like any piece of great gear, it’s only as good as the person using it. Some of you may be sitting on the fence when it comes to using a UAV or drone in your SAR operations. Some may be fully one way or the other. Over the next few posts I will try to clear up some of the misconceptions and maybe help you decide if this is something your team could benefit from.

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The Role of Today’s SAR Medic

the role of today's SAR medic

The role of today’s SAR Medic is a challenging one.

Today’s rescue environment demands the highest levels of prehospital care be delivered to patient side despite the technical environment that might present itself.

Whether it be reducing a shoulder on a multi pitch climb, pulling a lifeless body from a snowy hole and bringing her to a complete recovery with ECMO, giving pain meds to the multi trauma on a Combat SAR (CSAR) mission, or resuscitating a cardiac arrest on a HETS mission, today’s SAR Medic must deliver good medicine, in bad places.

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