CSO / OFA 2 Program Free to Veterans and Reservists

In November 2015, we will be providing the opportunity for Military Veterans and Reservists to partake in the Construction Safety Officer, two week, full time training program. This will be followed by a one week Occupational First Aid Level 2 course. This is a joint venture between ER Plus Risk Management Group Inc. and Ronin Safety and Rescue Inc. The programs will be conducted in Richmond, British Columbia with a maximum of 15 students. Our goal is to offer this course at no cost to the veterans and reservists.

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OSSA Post 1

April – 2014

So, late last night I received an email from our CEO Mark. He said that being the Alberta Manager it would be great to have me write an interesting blog on the OSSA (Oil Sands Safety Association) courses we offer. I will admit, I openly laughed out loud for a moment at the idea of “an interesting blog” about courses that most are forced to attend. You’re laughing at the idea now too.

There are really two reasons for companies to send employees on these courses. The first is non-compliance. This may be in the form of a regulatory infraction, an out of date or no safety program or an expired certification. Secondly is due diligence. More and more employers are stepping up and ensuring workers are properly trained in performing their jobs safely.

Due diligence was the basis in forming OSSA. Syncrude Canada, Suncor Energy, Shell Albian Sands and Canadian Natural Resources came together to strive for “an incident free workforce”. By setting standards on specific safety courses, workers could move from one company to the next and not have to be retrained to a different level by the new employer. This eliminated loss of time and money by having one agreed safety training standard that was accepted by all of the major companies actively working in the oil sands area.

This was great news for contactors and their employees that were not a permanent part of the oil & gas industry workforce. No longer did visiting workers have to be turned away because the course they had attended and paid $150-$200 for was unacceptable at that site.

By setting standards on Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry, Elevated Work Platform and Fire Watch OSSA forced some of the shadier fly-by-night safety training companies to step up their programs or risk being left behind. A “Graduating Class of Thursday 10:30 Am” Fall Pro certificate from So and So’s’ Safety Center would no longer cut the mustard.

Between the financial commitments, administrative guidelines and constant oversight required by training companies to remain compliant with the regulations OSSA had set in place, it really showed who was committed to go that extra mile.

So, with all that being said let me ask you this, do you or your employee’s need an OSSA regulated safety course or will a regular one do?

Your first response might be “Heck Yea!” or some other four letter expressive word and you might be right. But I’m going to be honest with you, unless you are going to be working in or for one of the major oil and gas companies you probably don’t. A non-OSSA safety course is more likely for you. There are some great safety training companies out there that do offer good courses. I am self admittedly bias when I say Ronin has a solid course base of both OSSA and non-OSSA that produces safe and effective workers. And after hearing some of the horror stories from workers we have trained, I think I might be justified.

Anyway, if you are in that group of workers that does ply your trade in the “patch”; OSSA courses might be just what you need. Stay tuned, in my next post I will talk about the OSSA Fall Protection course.

Mike S.