Under almost all HSE regulations worldwide, there is a requirement for first aid at a worksite.

When the worksites are hazardous or remote, the more advanced the level of first aid that is required.

Ronin Rescue employs paramedics, EMR’s and advanced first aiders with emergency service or military experience in order to assist clients not only on these remote and high hazard sites, however any site there is a need for first aid. Having staff with “real world” emergency service or military first aid experience allows our clients to feel more at ease knowing that the same level of care that arrives when you call 911 is already on site, ready to assist their needs. As well, our staff understand the pre-hospital medical system and are able to communicate effectively with the system to ensure rapid response of first responders where required and a smooth transition of care.

Ronin staff have experience providing first aid in mountain environments (summer and winter), in flight and in industrial settings (extrication).