When workers are operating at heights where they could fall into their fall arrest system, the employer must provide for rescue.

This required rescue could utilize other staff on site with an elevated platform or other equipment.

Onsite staff would need to be trained in the rescue plan and practice the plan regularly. Certain employers in British Columbia can also rely on the Technical High Angle Rope Rescue Program (THARRP) that allocates funds to fire departments to perform rescue services. Unfortunately many employers do not have the specialized equipment to assist a worker that has fallen into their fall arrest system or are not located in a THARRP funded area. In these cases Ronin can provide a solution for you.

Our rescue standby teams are trained and equipped members who are also former or current rescue professionals on both public and private rescue teams. Our team members have decades of experience in all types of rope rescue environments. Ronin teams also use high quality specialized rescue equipment that assists with the quick and safe rescue of any worker.

We will provide a safe, timely and effective rescue response. All team members are certified to NFPA’s Rescue Technician level (level 2) in both Confined Space and Rope Rescue. As well many of our team leaders have taken advanced rescue and rope access training.