Partnering with Ronin Rescue for your occupational health and safety requirements, you are choosing a responsible and accountable leader in the field.

We develop custom procedures every day for clients with specific requests. From shipping to construction sites, our team is constantly researching the latest information and best practices for specific work procedures.

There are many instances where clients require exceptional consulting or specialized work to be performed. Ronin Rescue excels at this and provides more than just training courses for our clients. With expertise in many areas of health, safety and risk mitigation, Ronin Rescue is the ideal partner for your specialized training, consulting and performance needs. Our services help clients maintain their business continuity, meet their regulatory requirements and perform high risk tasks that would be to prohibitive to train their own crews to perform.

Ronin Rescue employs a vast variety of health and safety professionals to assist clients with any and all of their OHS needs. Our personnel include retired Canadian WorkSafe officers, rescue professionals, certified instructors and health and safety practitioners.

Our consulting philosophy is to work with our clients to develop customized solutions to meet that company’s individual needs.