Course Duration: Instructed in English – 3 days;
Instructed in translation – 6 days
Course Format: 1 day classroom and 2 days practical exercises
Certification: Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion
Pre-requisites: The ability to swim

Participants in this Water Rescue course will receive skills and knowledge around identifying risks,
self-rescue and low-risk options for rescuing others. This course is desirable training for anyone who
works in this high risk environment including firefighters, rescuers, resource management personnel
and outdoor guides. This program meets the training requirements for National Fire Protection
Agency (NFPA) 1670 water search and rescue technician level.
At the end of this highly interactive training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand water dynamics and water-related physiology
  • Respond to the signs and symptoms of significant medical problems related to water
  • Posses a working knowledge of water rescue equipment
  • Function with helicopters as a rescue asset
  • Rescue and extricate a patient from the water
  • Safely swim and maneuver so as to negotiate river hazards and obstacles
  • Handle small inflatable boats
  • Operate communications systems
  • Perform in on-scene leadership and responsibilities roles
  • Provide rescue team organization and victim responses
  • Utilize applicable climbing and technical rescue gear
  • Ford shallow and fast-moving water
  • Cross deep, slow-moving and fast-moving water utilizing basic climbing gear, small boats
    and in combination