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Grey Round Patterns


What's it all about?

This 5 day course is unlike any previous course we have delivered. It will consist of 10 plus hour days, night scenarios and evening theory classes. There will be team leader enhancement exercises that include:

  • command and control

  • communication skills

  • contingencies including rescues from system failures

  • leadership

  • management of multiple teams

  • reacting to a changing rescue environment

  • medical interventions in rescue

  • technical skills enhancement

  • TTRS, DMDB and SRT choices and consequences

and much, much more!


These training goals will be developed in different environments and with different equipment including:

  • on natural environments such as rocks,

  • on structural elements like tower cranes,

  • in confined spaces,

While using:

-11mm as well as small diameter systems, such as 8mm and TRACE,

-AHD’s including monopods, bipods and tripods.


Different rescue systems such as English, Norwegian, Flemish, Wallonie, Arbor reeves, PRM’s, fixed point PRM’s, cross hauls, multiple pick off solutions and deflection systems such as skate blocks and tension line skate blocks will be covered on different diameter rope systems (not a complete list).


Whilst classes in team leadership and different rescue systems will be occurring, students must have sufficient rope rescue skills and experience in order to fully participate.  This program requires a NFPA Technician level or SPRAT/IRATA L2 or SAR Rope Rescue Level 2 or IMP2 or equivalent level of threshold knowledge. Contact us if you have any questions about your skill level.


Personal Gear Required:

  • Manufactured Class II or III harness

  • Helmet

  • Gloves

  • Rugged, closed toe shoes

  • Long pants

  • Water bottle

  • Pen and notepad

  • Hands free stop DCD or system with hands free stop for 11mm*

  • Ascending system with 2 points of attachment at or above the waist*

  • Dynamic cowstails or lanyards for fall protection/positioning

  • 6 x 24kn or greater locking carabiners

  • Assorted short slings and prusik cords

  • 5+m accessory cord

*Bring equipment for 11mm rope. Equipment for small diameter systems will be provided.


  • Backup/Fall Arrest device

  • Mechanical Ascending system

  • Small rope grab

  • Small Rescue pulley

Humility, joy, and a sense of humor are mandatory!


*We will have supplemental gear available to fill in gaps or give you options to try different gear/systems.


This course will be mentally and physically demanding. The course has been created based over our teaching experiences over the last 20 years (from customs rescue programs including rescue the rescuer and team leader). It is designed to minimise in-class time and maximise time on rope. Be prepared to work long, and hard, hours. This is a 'grown-up' course. You will leave this course a better leader, and rescuer. Contact us for clarification and if you have any specific needs.

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