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The “rookie” team at GRIMP Japan. Episode 1
Ronin Rescue

The “rookie” team at GRIMP Japan. Episode 1

Ronin at GRIMP Japan Back in the pre-COVID days of 2019, Ronin Rescue competed at GRIMP Japan. It was the team’s last competition prior to the world shutting down. Post COVID, the “competition” team did one more run together in Seville (Rescue Great Day 2022) and then a decision was made. We were placing well. Regular top 10 and even a handful of top 5 finishes. But only a select group of Ronin staff was gaining this experience. So we changed focus and entered a new “rookie” team for GRIMP Japan in 2023. Only the Team Leader had competed on a Ronin team prior. For experience we brought up one of the Ronin USA staff who had competed with his Fire Department (not with a Ronin Team) at GRIMP NA in 2022. The other 3 team members had never competed prior. They were younger staff, not full time Fire but full time with the company. For an example, the previous teams average age was 48. This teams is 30. There is a generation gap between the Team Leader and the Team Members. The patient - was our office manager. She learned to climb rope 6 weeks prior to the event. These were all challenges we had not experienced prior. We knew this would be interesting, challenging, entertaining, so we decided to document it. Both the training and the competition. The team was humbled but not deterred from competing again and gained knowledge and experience that they were unable to gain anywhere else. Well done! We are proud of their efforts. Thanks to our sponsors. ​⁠@TeufelbergerGroup ​⁠@arcteryx ​⁠@CMCPro ​⁠@CampSafety Training Division STREP
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