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Rock Climbing



Using techniques from industrial rope access, alpine rescue and other sources Ronin’s Tactical Rope Program provides an easily taught standardized set of skills imperative to the tactical officer.

Ronin reached out to CANSOFCOM and Tactical Officers who are well known in the tactical rope world to assist Ronin with developing a ‘gold standard’ Tactical Rope Program.

The members of the development team are operators with extensive training and experience in the tactical rope world.

Ronin created the program by delivering a beta course to select officers in Western Canada. Based on the feedback of those attendees, modules of instructions were created. Ronin has created and delivered customized training courses based on these modules to support specific client needs. These programs have since been delivered across Canada.


This training is designed for the new tactical operator as an introduction to tactical rope.
It introduces the operator to basic knots, force dynamics, tactical rappelling, and other intervention techniques.

  • Knots

  • Basic Rope Force Dynamics

  • Basic Anchor Skills

  • Basic Kit (individual and team)

  • Basic Tactical Rappel (individual and team)

  • Intro to Suicide and Protestor Intervention

  • Scenarios including fully tactically kitted operators.


This program introduces advanced training to allow for the individual to rig systems and lead small tactical teams. It includes advanced knots, anchoring, rigging, rope force dynamics and rescue techniques.

  • Rig and Dispatch Det Rappel (stealth and dynamic)

  • Rescue of Incapacitated Team Members

  • Intro to Climbing Structures

  • Protestor Intervention

  • Suicidal Subjects

  • Scenarios including fully tactically kitted operators

  • Day Time and Night Time Scenarios

  • Dynamic and Stealth

The tactical world is a dynamic and constantly changing environment which requires a broad range of versatility and skill to deal with threats/problems effectively.

Rope work is an essential part of the tactical package. Like the tactical vehicle, the rope system allows a tactical officer to get to where they need to be, including areas which are difficult to access.

The Ronin series of tactical rope training prepares the operator for this diverse environment with a modular and customizable training system.

The Ronin Tactical Rope Program offers different levels of training, from a basic operator training package to advanced applications by day and night.

Ronin Rescue is comprised primarily of current or former miltary and emergency services personnel.

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