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Gear review: Truewerk pants

Updated: Jan 24

Author: Peter Nicol was the Team Lead for the 49th Parallel Rescue team at GRIMP NA 2022.

We used the T2 Truewerks pants to train in and compete at GRIMP NA 2022. Overall the team was very happy with these pants. We were training in temperatures that were much warmer than normal and we found that the pant didn’t bunch up or stick to you when it was wet.

The pants felt very light and comfortable even after climbing rope and all through the ship. They had a soft feel to them that didn’t change.

We definitely put these pants through some tough conditions. Crawling through a steel hull ship with lots of catch points, not one rip or tear on any of us. These pants were filthy by the end but they still felt comfortable.

I really liked the pocket style and locations. While wearing a harness, I could still carry my phone and access it. In this day and age, that’s important. Although they didn't have. a slot for knee pads, that was easily overcome with a set of external pads.

Overall we feel this is an excellent pant that has been well made. Will they stand up in a tough technical rescue environment? They sure will.

You can find out more information at:

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