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World Wide HSE Consulting Case Study: Part 1

World Wide HSE Consulting

In 2015 Ronin was approached by an international computer software company to create a solution to their HSE needs.  Specifically how to create a HSE program or programs for a company with 113 offices in over 40 different countries.  This is the type of challenge that Ronin staff thrive on.

Not only was this company in many locations worldwide, however they also had slightly different tasks at their different locations.  Some locations performed their own maintenance work creating concerns around fall protection and lock out.  Some locations had staff working from home or working in the office at temporary desks creating other concerns.  Then there was the 55 different regulatory bodies that governed these sites (state, provincial and federal) that needed to be researched and studied.  Ronin staff also traveled to the UK, mainland Europe, Canada, the USA, South East Asia and Japan to meet with stakeholders in the process.  Like most companies, our clients’ HSE policies touch on human resources and operational policy and procedures.  We wanted to ensure that no one felt left out of the process and everyone “got a say”.

At the end of the project 55 site reports will be delivered as well as a summary report of recommendations on ways to move forward. We have some interesting ideas on the summary report, however more on that in October.

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