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Ronin Holiday Newsletter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.. From all of us at Ronin Safety and Rescue, around the world, best wishes and happy holidays to you, your family and your friends!

What better way to close off the new year than with a site-wide, 20% off EVERYTHING sale!

Code TIMSBABY20 for 20% off all courses - valid only 26 December 2022 Code BOXINGWEEK20 for 20% off all shop items (swag, t-shirts etc). Valid 26 Dec to 31 December Why ‘baby’? Cause one of our GRIMP NA and Belgium competitors, instructor and all round good egg TD had a baby recently! We never thought he’d grow up… look at him!

It’s also because Ronin is hitting it’s 20/10 anniversary in 2023 - 20 years in business, 10 years as Ronin Rescue! …stay tuned for further offers/giveaways as we celebrate this milestone!


What’s new?

Ronin @ ITRS 2022 This past November, 2 Ronin staff members: Chief Instructor Kevin Ristau from BC and Lead Rescue Instructor Mike Bean from Ontario; travelled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to attend the International Tech Rescue Symposium. Lectures were attended, beverages were imbibed, and judging by the lack of a write up either of them sent to me, a good time was had by all! They also got a chance to meet up with some of our Ronin USA staff, partners and allied agencies.


The Ronin 20/10 Anniversary!

So, it started with a s#%t pipe. Way back in 2003. Back then, I had been on the FD technical rescue team about 6 years and an instructor in technical rescue for about 2 years (yes, I am that old…….


The Jeff and Pete Story. Four years ago, Township Firefighter Peter Nicol took a somewhat unexpected phone

call from his friend and colleague Captain Jeff Duncan. The call brought a suggestion that they put their names in for a team to compete in the International GRIMP Rescue Skills competition being held on the USS Iowa in Los Angeles…….


RONIN RESCUECAST #82. In RescueCast 82 we speak with Steph Roy a former Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technician about his career, the CF SAR program and some of the rescues he was part of.


Ronin 2023 Training Calendar is now up!

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