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GRIMP 2015

News Release

June 3, 2015 09:00

Metro Vancouver Fire GRIMP Team on Podium With World’s Best

NAMUR, BELGIUM – The Metro Vancouver Fire GRIMP (GRIMP is French for Groupe de reconnaissance et d’intervention en milieu périlleux) Team placed fifth in this years GRIMP Day Competition held in Namur, Belgium.

The team conducted nine technical rope rescue scenarios over two days in both mountain and urban terrain. The scenarios included rope high lines, 300’ lowers, a horse rescue and slack line rescues. Metro Vancouver Fire competed against some of the best rescue teams in world at the event, and is the only Canadian and North American Team to compete in GRIMP Day.

The Metro Vancouver Fire GRIMP Team is made up of 7 rescue technicians from Vancouver, Delta and Surrey Fire Departments as well as the British Columbia Ambulance Service. Four of the seven members are also Military Veterans of the Canadian Army, British Army and US Marine Corps.

This year Metro Vancouver Fire GRIMP competed in memory of RCAF Search and Rescue Technician, Sgt Mark Salesse, friend and comrade to the team members.

GRIMP Day is an international challenge that brings together search and rescue teams from around the world (firefighters, civil defense, military, and police). The event takes place in Namur, Belgium, where teams compete against each other through exercises involving the unique elements related to search and rescue in hazardous environments. Members of Namur’s regional fire department created this event in 2006. The general opinion is that GRIMP day has become a reference in the world of rope rescue. This was the tenth anniversary edition of the GRIMP Day Competition.

PMI, Arc’teryx and Ronin Safety and Rescue proudly sponsor the Metro Vancouver Fire GRIMP Team. All of the GRIMP Team members are also rescue technicians and rescue instructors with Ronin Safety and Rescue.

About Ronin Safety and Rescue

Formed by safety and rescue professionals, Ronin Safety and Rescue is headquartered in Coquitlam, British Columbia and currently operating worldwide. Ronin specializes in OHS/HSE consulting services, rescue standby services, industrial, technical and tactical safety and rescue training and technical rescue equipment sales. Ronin has a proven approach to quality assurance and client satisfaction. Our specialists identify and develop strategies in partnership with our clients with a focus on providing customized solutions. Ronin’s clients include Governments, Heavy Industry, Regional Authorities and Emergency Services. Our team has global experience having operated in the Middle East, Arabian Gulf, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Canada – including the arctic region of Canada.


Founded by the late Steve Hudson over 35 years ago, Pigeon Mountain Industries Inc.has been manufacturing safety rescue equipment to the highest standards. PMI’s commitment to providing high quality gear at reasonable prices has remained steady. As a company of climbers, cavers, and rescuers; PMI has good reason to hold the people who use their products in high esteem.


Born in the Canadian Coast mountain wilderness, Arc’teryx is a technical high-performance outerwear and equipment company with a relentless commitment to design, craftsmanship and performance. Our driving purpose is to create apparel and gear that gives users the confidence to perform at the point of extreme need. Arc’teryx is evolution in action.

Quick Facts

  1. GRIMP Day is an international rope rescue competition that has been held for the past ten years in Namur, Belgium. During this time teams from over 15 countries have competed.

  2. Metro Vancouver Fire GRIMP Day team is the only team from Canada and North America to ever participate in the event. This is the third year Metro Vancouver Fire has competed.

  3. GRIMP Day is a “live rescue load” scenario based event. Events like this require rescue teams to operate at the very highest level of competence and safety.


“The speed at which the Europeans rig and operate took us by surprise the first year we attended. It required two years of attending the competition and training to be able to compete to the standard set in GRIMP.” Mark Pfefier – Metro Vancouver GRIMP Team

Photo and Caption

GRIMP 2015

Metro Vancouver Fire GRIMP Team on day one out side of the Namur Fire Station in Belgium. Left to right – Ken Lieuwen, Jason Budd, Lora Schulz, Mark Pfeifer, Pat O’Connell, Don Robinson, Kevin Ristau.

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Media Contact

Mark Pfeifer

Metro Vancouver Fire GRIMP Team

Ronin Safety and Rescue


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